SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS: Quality in the cafeteria rewards work in the fields.

For years we have been hearing about eco-sustainable projects rather than fairtrade projects whose purposes we do not know. Let’s try to evolve the discussion in another aspect. Environmentally sustainable products are not always better in quality so let’s reverse our point of view: is it possible that the push due to new generations of coffee professionals and roasters has any influence on the global coffee market? I think so. Let’s try to develop the concept. New trends in coffee shops, push the small roaster to seek high quality coffee, at an obviously higher cost, which then affects the entire supply chain. New trends in coffee service, new desire to experiment and, fortunately, new focus on product quality and culture are pulling an industry that has remained too many years in the shadow hat created by large coffee companies, which seek cheap raw material, toward a path of qualitative and cultural growth that drags with it a fairer trade. Plantations develop techniques to increase product quality, new plants are created, and above all, training of workers is done; all of this is momentum for a crucial sector in the global economic landscape. The quality of service in the coffee shop thus rewards the entire coffee chain, just think that inside our cup of espresso, rather than filter coffee, is the work of hundreds of people who create culture and well-being for all of us.

Always look for quality and good coffee!