Always in the world of coffee

but from today we want to be able to let you choose

Spazio Caffè Firenze Roastery was born out of a family tradition that has evolved into a contemporary one over time.

Our matrix is artisanal, we are always attentive to new trends in the world of coffee, focusing on a dynamic training process that aims to develop quality with constant research and selection of raw material.

Roastery, or modern artisanal roastery that, thanks to constant staff training, has a line of single-origin coffees in addition to traditional Arabica blends and horeca sector. Our roastery wants to ensure all the mastery of an ancient craft in a future-oriented version, thanks in part to the use of the recently installed Giesen w15 roaster and a small Probat 5.


In this line we offer three different products, the Miscela Lorenzo,A classic Italian-style coffee perfect for espresso; an Arabica blend, Miscela M.01 composed of four major origins, which is well suited to different types of extraction; and a blend of Decaffeinated coffee mostly Arabica for those who do not want to give up drinking good coffee anyway.

Plantation Coffee and Microlots

We offer some coffees of origin by selecting various cultivars from plantations around the world with the constant attention to the quality of raw material and production processes according to market availability. These single-origin, sometimes single-plantation coffees are produced with a unique taste-olfactory identity. Through the tasting of these products, we intend to take you on a journey of discovery of the territories, customs and identity customs of the countries of origin.


Sampling is carried out through the use of Ikawa, roasting management with dedicated software, organoleptic analysis and cupping and espresso taste tests, combined with a training course always aimed at knowledge of the raw material. These are the backbones of our company.

Tailor made coffee

We create custom blends together with the client, after sampling different qualities, with the issuance of a certificate of exclusivity for the venue including a plaque to be displayed and custom-created packaging.