NEW TRENDS: traceable coffees.

Let’s make a necessary premise: let’s distinguish origin coffees with traceable coffees. Origin coffees are coffees whose origins we know but which are often the result of cooperative processing by small farmers. Let’s take an example of a label that says: coffee from Brazil, what does it mean? Per fare un paragone con il mondo del vino, tanto amato e conosciuto da noi italiani, sarebbe come dire vino Italia; Vi soddisfa? I don’t think so. Let’s get into it by broadening our views a bit and going for those minimal indications that we are interested in. Traceable coffees are often micro batches of which we know all the basic characteristics such as, the area of production and perhaps the location, the name of the plantation and the owner, what kind of cultivar is produced, by what method of production, and what is the date of harvest. All this information guarantees us the history and path of the coffee we are drinking. Coffee like the wine we love so much, but more importantly know, is a product with a thousand aromatic facets that mirror the place where it is produced.

Look for traceable products, have fun picking out the differences, and enjoy your coffee!