NEW HORIZONS: filter coffee.

In Italy, unfortunately, it is common to associate coffee with espresso extraction, but there are many extraction methods that allow us to enjoy one of the world’s most fascinating beverages.

In the rest of the planet, and fortunately also in Italy for a few years now, coffee is drunk by filter methods. What is filter extraction? Unfortunately, too often, people confuse this method of brewing with American coffee, which in the imagery cleared by Hollywood movies is the glass jug with watered-down coffee inside. Not so! American coffee is espresso with separate hot water poured afterwards, filter coffee is a preparation that consists, through a filter commonly made of paper, of passing hot non-pressure water (in some cases cold) over ground coffee and obtaining, through a recipe predetermined by our coffee shop attendant, a liquid drink without cream on the surface. What we see in the movies is filter coffee!

The most common methods of filter preparation are V60, Chemex, cold brew and Syphon. Each of these methods will impart a different body and flavor to our cup of coffee even starting from the same source coffee chosen. Today we are increasingly finding specialized coffee shops offering this type of service and selecting high-quality producers who are increasingly promoting single origin coffee and traceable products, leading us to discover new tastes.

Look it up, be curious and Enjoy your filter coffee!